Teaching for Researchers


Professional Certificate (PCert)



Are you looking for a career in academia? Do you want to gain experience and training in course design and assessment? Embark on an enlightening journey where the worlds of research and education converge in our Professional Certificate (PCert) course. This dynamic program is tailored for aspiring educators within the research community, offering a roadmap to transform your expertise into captivating and impactful teaching methodologies. Uncover the art and science of effective teaching as it pertains to the unique landscape of research. Whether you're a seasoned researcher seeking to share your insights or a budding academic, this course is your key to unlocking the secrets of engaging and empowering the next generation of minds. This PCert course will provide you with the knowledge of teaching in Higher Education. It will provide you with the skills to teach and design courses using the latest learning technologies. You’ll also learn about learning principles and teaching approaches.


In the first two modules, you’ll develop your core teaching and educational skills including teaching and education in Higher Education and designing a course. In the last two modules, you will learn about the latest teaching and learning tools and how you design your blended-learning course in Higher Education. You will also have the opportunity to use your skills and knowledge to design a course for your final project. This will develop your skills further in learning and teaching in Higher Education.



Start Date: 15 Apr 2024

Duration: 1 month (4 weeks)

Delivery: Online

Workload: 3-5 hours per week

Fees: £129

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Contact: Elisa Hampson admin@camcid.org



  • Develop a solid understanding of pedagogical principles tailored for researchers
  • Acquire skills in designing and structuring curriculum content that aligns with the unique learning needs of researchers, fostering a comprehensive and enriching educational experience
  • Master a diverse range of interactive teaching methods specifically tailored for researchers, ensuring dynamic and engaging instructional sessions
  • Explore and integrate technology tools seamlessly into teaching practices and create innovative, technology-infused lessons



The online distance-learning delivery of the course will provide opportunities to receive expertise from the Cambridge Centre for Innovation and Development (CamCID) researchers, material from our partners, and guest lectures.


  • Module 1: Teaching and education: Immerse yourself in the fundamental principles of teaching and education, where theory meets practice, and passion transforms into purpose. This module is designed to equip you with the foundational skills and insights necessary to embark on a rewarding journey in the world of education. You will learn about the key issues that surround Higher Education teaching, including teaching and learning principles and approaches, higher education standards, and innovation in teaching.


  • Module 2: Designing a course: Delve into the core principles of effective teaching, understanding the psychology of learning, and honing your ability to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment. Dive into the exhilarating world of instructional design, where you will unravel the secrets of creating courses that captivate, motivate, and leave a lasting imprint on your audience. Uncover the art of crafting curriculum content that captivates minds and stimulates curiosity, ensuring your lessons leave a lasting impact on your students. You will learn to design a course syllabus and what it needs to include. Navigate the fundamental principles of designing a course, from defining learning objectives to structuring content in a way that maximizes engagement and comprehension. The core principles of course design and the importance of assessment.


  • Module 3: Digital learning technologies: Dive into the heart of digital learning as we demystify the cutting-edge technologies revolutionizing the way we teach and learn. This module is your portal to understanding how digital tools, platforms, and innovations are reshaping education and creating unparalleled opportunities for engagement and accessibility. Explore technologies for creating a well-managed online course, fostering an environment conducive to learning and collaboration. Explore the digital learning tools and learn to engage students online. Learn about Learning Management Platforms, blended learning, and how to design a blended-learning course.


  • Module 4: Final project (Course designing): Dive straight into practical tasks that mirror the actual course design process, from defining learning objectives to crafting assessments and interactive content. Apply your knowledge of teaching and course design in a project of designing your course. Bridge theory with practice as you work on designing a course that addresses real-world educational needs, preparing you for the challenges and triumphs of the instructional design field. 

Entry Requirements


  • This course starts with a beginner level and progresses towards the mid-levels.
  • This course is designed for all levels of students (Undergraduate students, Master's degree students, or Ph.D.).
  • All our online courses are taught in English. Therefore, you must have good English language skills.

Certificate of Completion


After completing all the modules of this programme, you will be provided with an e-certificate of completion at Cambridge Centre for Innovation and Development (CamCID).

Design AND Delivery


This online programme is delivered on our virtual learning platform (Moodle). The programme is self-paced and it can be completed on your schedule within programme's duration. The programme includes recorded lectures, templates, learning material, ebooks, and research-based tasks. It is designed by the CamCID Research Team and Guest Lecturers (faculty members from international universities).

May include additional material from our partners.

Fees and Funding


UK and International: £129 (including electronic certificate).