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Lavanya S.


Virtual Internship - Cancer Immunotherapy Research

I found the assignment on creating our own research proposal to be the most useful. This assignment let me put my ideas and develop my own proposal for my future research projects. I would recommend this course to colleagues because it was a very useful virtual internship that let me explore and improve on my research abilities. It helped me to explore deeper into cancer immunotherapy and allowed me to learn a lot of new information in this field.



Virtual Internship - Neurogenetics


For me, the guide step by step is really useful. I really like the flow of the modules where we need to write the proposal first and then write our own research projects.

I would recommend this programme because I think it is really suitable for beginner as well as it guides you step by step from the start. Will definitely recommend it to my friends.

Fatima Salih Ahmed E.


PCert - AI in Medicine

The most useful in this course is knowledge I have for AI and deep learning and it’s role in different fields especially medicine. 

Sylvester Z. M.


PCert - Laboratory Skills in Bioscience

The eBook resources were very helpful. The course material is well presented and gives good resources for further self-learning.

Jacob P.


PCert - Medical Genomics


I liked the fact-specific papers were provided that had enough background for beginners in genomics to understand I got much better at reading scientific papers and extracting information from them. 



Virtual Internship - Chemical & Biological Engineering

The most useful thing was the tasks given, as it made me go and research more about the topics which it expended my knowledge about the chosen topics and the field of chemical engineering. I recommend it. Because it gives one an opportunity to learn more about chemical engineering as a professional with a little of business such as managerial practice in the field of engineering and chemical product design.

Mariah P.


PCert - Medical Genomics

Being able to see the entire course and what was required in the timeline provided. I will recommend this course. It's challenging and useful to learn more about the field of Medical Genomics

Aseel H.


PCert - Cancer Biology and Immunology Research

The most useful of this course are the articles that were included in each module. It helped me advance my knowledge in the field of immunology and oncology and I got familiar with important aspects in research.



PCert - Neuroscience and Neuroimaging Research

I am more of a visual learner, So the visual lectures and animations were very helpful for me to grasp the concept effectively. I would highly recommend as this would boost their knowledge and also the freedom to access anytime and anywhere is an added benefits of this course.

Selin A.


Virtual Internship - Neuroscience

The materials and sources that were given in order to prepare research proposal and project. I recommend this course, because this course teaches undergraduate students how to write proposals and research projects for their further studies in the field.

Ruddy Manuel I. B.


Specialization - Neuroscience Research

The complementary lectures that go with each course. And also the videos. It is a great opportunity to learn about the world of Neuroscience.



PCert - Neuroscience and Neuroimaging Research

For me the most useful thing was the fundamental neuroscience book study material it was mind boggling to see new things about the brain which was not know before and also the videos in the third module were very interesting and easy to follow. It was very useful in making us read and write answers for the topics which we studied so that we remember them well and also formulate new research ideas in the field of neuroscience

Mohamad h.


PCert - Medical Robotics

In my view everything presented was useful, enough information was given to expand my knowledge in the field of medical robotics. Including the different types of robots and their applications in different sectors of medicine. It helps give a better understanding of the field of medical robotics and insight to the great opportunities for advancement in the field to anyone interested in medical robotics.

Joshua C.


Virtual Internship - AI in Medicine

The most useful were the instructor feedback and tutorials. I recommend this training because I believe it was informative and engaging in helping me learn how to properly tackle literature reviews and research papers. I learned how to analyze information from PubMed articles and collectively tackle one research topic in order to demonstrate fluency on the topic of interest.

Humayra O.


Researcher Training Programme

Reading the paper and analysing it in a PowerPoint presentation was the most useful. I would recommend this course because it taught me the additional skills that are required for beginning a research project such as writing an abstract or creating a presentation which are not usually discussed in a laboratory or academic setting. I also liked the ethical considerations that were discussed in some of the materials.



PCert – Cancer Biology and Immunology Research

The content of the programme was interesting and engaging. I enjoyed the additional reading and the tasks. Yes i would recommend this course. The course was interesting.

Humayra O.


PCert - Cancer Research and Therapeutics

The numerous research articles and materials on the topic as well as working on the final research project. I would recommend this course because it was extremely informative. Someone with no knowledge on this subject could have well-rounded idea after taking this course.

Hamidreza J.


PCert - Laboratory Skills in Bioscience

It was very good to provide information about differen aspect of subject. It is good to find and learn easy and very fast,

Pia A.


Specialization - Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics

The guidance given to improve my scientific writing skills was amazing.

Daniel U.


Virtual Internship - Pharmacology

What I found to be most useful, was the readings as they provided me with essential and previously unknown knowledge. It sets you off on the right foot to think like a researcher.

Dhrish A.


Virtual Internship - Molecular Biology

The additional material given along with tasks really helped set a start point to instigate curiosity for further research. I definitely recommend the course as it is student centred.

Molly P.


PCert - Clinical Trials and Drug Development

The questions were most useful because it meant that I needed to fully understand everything in order to write about it. Great qualification to have and was interesting.

Wanhao C.


PCert - Teaching for Researchers

Reading material and assignments were most useful. It is helpful to learn how to teach and how to design a course in a systematic way.

Daniel J.L.


Virtual Internship - Neurogenetics

Good teaching course for the Basic UK research skillset with literature search, basic statistics, writing of a proposal and beginning of a paper.

Samrah S.


Virtual internship - Neuroscience

I really liked the platform and I think the most useful task for me was the ‘developing a research proposal’ and I really appreciated the in depth feedback. I also found summarising the research papers very helpful.

Yueyao L.


PCert - Cancer biology and immunology research

The lecture was quite useful, they are brief and easy gathered. Compulsory reading can be applied to the tasks perfectly. The compulsory reading is relevant with the learning objectives.

Mónica P.


PCert - Medical Genomics

The possibility to update knowledge in this area. Also the online format is very practical as we can use our own spare time to manage study.

Supapit W.


Virtual internship - Biomedical Engineering

I could be able to practice how to write and interpret my idea into my own project proposal since English is not my mother-tongue. It is useful to practice to write project proposal and gain more skill in self-management.

Leonard K.A.


PCert - Cancer biology and immunology research

I think I'm impressed with all the reading materials provided. They were up to date and very informing.

Christopher W.


Virtual Internship - Cancer Immunotherapy

Great efforts and interesting delivery method. Instructions were very easy to follow.

Emmanuel L.


Specialization - Cancer Research

Good learning material and very informative lectures in PCerts. Mentorship was useful.

Pruthwiraj P.


PCert - AI in Medicine

I feel everything is covered really well. This course will give them opportunity to acquire enormous amt of knowledge in this field.



Virtual Internship - Biotechnology

This gave me a sense of how my dissertation year would be, and made me feel slight more prepared.