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This professional training will provide you with essential mental healthcare research skills and knowledge to become a successful mental health researcher. It will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of participating in mental health research projects related to dementia, depression, and child and adolescent mental health. It will also provide you with the knowledge and skills to develop and filling consent forms, following ethical procedures, and developing own research ideas. To stay competitive in the field of health and social care, universities and healthcare organisations need experienced mental health workers with research skills and an understanding of research methods. This 8-week training is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to participate in health research projects. It will also train you to participate in doctoral or postdoctoral research. 


This 8-week professional training aims to provide essential knowledge for developing your early mental health career.


Training Journey


The online distance-learning training will provide opportunities to receive expertise from the Cambridge Centre for Innovation and Development (CamCID) researchers. This programme includes eight weeks of research-based and practice tasks.


Module 1: Literature review 

In the first module,  you will gain experience in mental health literature reviewing and finding articles using research databases and search engines.


Module 2: Developing a research proposal 

In this module, you will gain knowledge of writing your research proposal. You will develop your research idea in this module and learn to develop a research plan for your own idea. This will help you develop your undergraduate thesis or postgraduate research proposal in the future.


Module 3: Healthcare research methodology

You will learn the types of research methods, ethics involved in conducting mental health research, preparing interview questions, and developing and filling consent forms.


Module 4: Healthcare research project

You will work on a short literature review project and apply your knowledge of health research in your project. The project aims to improve your academic writing, research, critical thinking, and literature search skills.


Material and eBooks


We will provide you with all the programme material and eBooks in the training for your learning and the cost of the material is included in the registration fee.


Fees and Funding


UK and International: £275 (including all the material, eBooks, and electronic certificate fee).


Entry Requirements


A minimum of 6 months of education in psychology, mental health, social care, neuroscience, healthcare, or other relevant areas is recommended.


The mentioned qualification requirement is for guidance and it is required to successfully complete the training programme. All our online training and courses are taught in English. You must have good English language skills.


Career Opportunities


This virtual internship is designed to aid professional development in the field of healthcare, enabling you to further your expertise within an existing career path or to change career direction, for example, into a doctoral researcher, research assistant, or mental health expert.


Certificate of Completion


After successfully completing all the tasks of 8 weeks, you will be provided with an e-certificate for completing professional training at Cambridge Centre for Innovation and Development (CamCID).


Delivery and Development


This virtual training is delivered on Moodle online learning platform. You will be given research skills development tasks to complete within the given deadline of 8 weeks. It is designed by the CamCID Research Team and academics from multiple high-ranked universities.


How To Apply


Your registration will be confirmed after you pay the registration fees. However, we may close the registration early if all the available places are filled. Therefore, early registration is highly recommended.


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Professional Training (Virtual Internship)

Mental Health Research

Start Date: 30 Aug 2022


Places available: 03


Duration and Delivery: 8 weeks (Online) 


Workload: 4-6 hours per week (part-time)


Entry requirements: A minimum of 6 months of education in psychology, mental health, social care, neuroscience, healthcare, or other relevant areas is recommended.


Fees: £275 (UK and International)


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