Medical Genomics


Professional Certificate (PCert)



Welcome to the forefront of cutting-edge medical science with our Professional Certificate (PCert) – a journey into the very fabric of life itself. If you're fascinated by the mysteries of the human genome and eager to explore how genomic information is revolutionizing medicine, this course is your passport to unraveling the secrets encoded in our DNA. Genomic technologies are widely used to describe the role of both rare and general genetic factors in the progression of common disorders, such as diabetes and cancer. Delve into the fundamentals of genomics and decipher the intricate language written in our DNA. Explore the breakthroughs that have catapulted genomics to the forefront of medical research and treatment. This PCert will provide you the knowledge of medical genomics and genomic technologies. It will provide you with the knowledge to participate in genomic research. You will explore the application of genomic technologies in medicine.


In the first two modules, you’ll develop your core scientific understanding across the breadth of genomics including an overview of medical genetics and genomic technologies. In the last two modules, you will learn about the latest applications of genomic technologies such as gene discovery and genomic technologies for cancer research. You will also have the opportunity to use your skills and knowledge to work on a final project. This will provide you the opportunity to develop your skills further in genomics.



Start Date: 30 Jun 2024

Duration: 1 month (4 weeks)

Delivery: Online

Workload: 4-6 hours per week

Fees: £159

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Contact: Elisa Hampson



  • Navigate the world of cutting-edge genomic technologies, from DNA sequencing to gene editing
  • Understand the implications of these technologies in reshaping our understanding of genetics and their applications in medical research

  • Cultivate critical thinking skills for evaluating genomic data and making informed decisions in a medical context

  • Stay abreast of the latest advancements and trends in genomic medicine, ensuring readiness for future developments in this rapidly evolving field

  • Apply acquired knowledge and skills to the final project, demonstrating the ability to contribute meaningfully to ongoing or future genomics research projects



The online distance-learning delivery of the course will provide opportunities to receive expertise from the Cambridge Centre for Innovation and Development (CamCID) researchers, material from our partners, and guest lectures.


  • Module 1: Introduction to medical genetics and genomics: This module provides guidance to support an in-depth understanding and knowledge of applications of medical genetics and genomics. Embark on a fascinating journey into the fundamental language of life – the DNA code. Uncover the basics of genetics, from the structure of DNA to the intricacies of gene expression, and explore how these molecular intricacies shape our health. Explore the role of genetics in health and disease. Understand how variations in our genes can contribute to the development of diseases and conditions.


  • Module 2: Genomic technologies: In this module, you will be able to gain knowledge and applicability of molecular principles behind next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. Immerse yourself in the revolutionary landscape of next-generation sequencing, where the limits of genomic exploration are continuously pushed. Explore the evolution of sequencing technologies and understand how NGS has transformed the field of genomics. You will be able to identify applications of these technologies to clinical scenarios and research. 


  • Module 3: Applications of genomic technologies in medicine: Explore the application of genomic technologies in gene discovery and cancer research. This module will include recent research papers and an in-depth review of the latest developments. Explore the practical applications of genomic technologies in reshaping the landscape of medical research and patient care. Gain insights into how genomic data is transforming traditional diagnostic approaches. Explore the potential of genomic technologies in developing targeted therapies for a range of diseases. Understand how gene editing and manipulation are paving the way for novel treatment modalities and potential cures.


  • Module 4: Final Research Project: Apply your knowledge of medical genomics in a final project report. Gain insights into the key components and structure of a project report, including the introduction, discussion, and conclusion. Understand the importance of contextualizing your work within the broader landscape of genomics. Develop skills in interpreting research results and relating them to the broader context of genomics. Explore effective strategies for discussing both expected and unexpected outcomes. Understand the importance of proper citation and referencing in maintaining academic integrity.

Entry Requirements


  • This course starts with a beginner level and progresses towards the mid-levels. However, prior genomics knowledge is not required.
  • This course is designed for all levels of students (Undergraduate students, Master's degree students, or Ph.D.).
  • All our online courses are taught in English. Therefore, you must have good English language skills.

Certificate of Completion


After completing all the modules of this programme, you will be provided with an e-certificate of completion at Cambridge Centre for Innovation and Development (CamCID).

Design AND Delivery


This online programme is delivered on our virtual learning platform (Moodle). The programme is self-paced and it can be completed on your schedule within programme's duration. The programme includes recorded lectures, templates, learning material, ebooks, and research-based tasks. It is designed by the CamCID Research Team and Guest Lecturers (faculty members from international universities).

May include additional material from our partners.

Fees and Funding


UK and International: £159 (including electronic certificate).