Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer scholarships?

A. Unfortunately, we do not offer any scholarships. However, we do provide financial assistance/discounts on registration fees for students from developing countries. Please contact us for details.


Q. How does a week-to-week schedule look like for your courses? Is it self-paced or are there live meetings that I need to attend?

A. All our programmes are self-paced and can be completed on your own time during the given period (e.g. 4 weeks for PCerts and 16 weeks for Specializations).


Q. Can I get a refund of my registration fee?

A. You will get a full refund of your fee if you request a refund at least 2 days before your course in-take date.


Q. Do I have to ''work part-time'' for CamCID or any of your partner organisation during my Virtual Training (Virtual Internship)?

A. No. You ''will not 'work'' for CamCID or any of our partners. We ''do not'' provide any employment or we never ask our students to perform any kind of work for us or our partners. Instead, students will take part in their research ideas/projects proposed. CamCID also provides mentorship and publication costs for publishing research work (if the research project was completed in collaboration with our researchers during their programme).


Q. What if I cannot attend the courses on the mentioned in-take date? Will you offer the course again?

A. It depends on the course and internship. We may offer the course or internship again after a few months or we may not offer it again.


Q. Can I attend your course with my full-time work or study?

A. Yes, you can attend and successfully complete all our online courses and virtual internships while working or studying full-time. All training courses are designed to be completed part-time between 4-8 hours a week.


Q. Why do you have a registration fee for your Virtual Training Programmes (Virtual internships)?

A. We offer our virtual training programmes on a virtual learning platform, which also includes ebooks, materials, and mentorship from teachers and researchers. Therefore, it includes costs and our registration fee covers these expenses.


Q. The course will start after 2-3 months, can I register for the course or internship now?

A. Yes, you can register for any of the courses or internships available on our website anytime.


Q. I am currently working full-time or studying full-time can I manage this part-time internship or course? How do the lectures work in terms of time and flexibility? Are they prerecorded?

A. Specializations, Virtual Training, and PCert programmes can be completed online part-time along with other studies or work. It will include recorded lectures (our Virtual Training programmes do not include lectures) and tasks to complete on your schedule and the deadline for submission of the tasks will be several weeks. However, it is recommended to give 4-7 hours per week for learning and acquiring research skills. depending on the programme.


Q. When I clicked "Register now", I was immediately transferred to the payment page. I want to know if paying the registration fees guarantees registration in an internship or course.

A. Yes, you will be registered for the internship/course automatically after you complete the payment. If the places are filled we will close the registration for that intake. Therefore, early registration is highly recommended to reserve your place.


Q. How will I get my certificate of completion and how much does it cost?

A. You will get an e-certificate after successfully completing the course or internship and the certificate cost is included in your registration fee.


Q. Can I verify my certificate?

A. Yes, your e-certificate will be verifiable online through our website.


Q. Are you connected to any institute or university?

A. No. CamCID is a research collaboration platform and accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider. We are not a part of any institute or university. Read more about CamCID and our history here.


Q. Who is designing your courses and virtual training?

A. Our highly qualified researchers and/or academics from high-ranked universities are involved in designing our PCerts, PGRTs, Virtual Training, and Specializations. For further details, please see our Research Team