Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Medicine





Artificial intelligence (AI) and medical robotics are revolutionising the entire medical field, changing the way the data is used to make decisions, analysing big data, and using robots for surgeries. Embark on a groundbreaking journey at the intersection of technology and healthcare with our online course in AI and Robotics in Medicine. Far beyond a traditional educational experience, this digital exploration invites participants to witness the transformative power of AI and robotics in revolutionizing medical practices. Delve into the foundations of AI and its applications in the medical domain. Explore the realm of robotics in surgery, understanding how robotic-assisted systems are enhancing precision and minimizing invasiveness. Our Specialization provides an understanding of machine learning and robotics, laying the groundwork for AI's transformative role in healthcare.


To stay competitive, universities and organizations need qualified AI researchers with knowledge and understanding of AI and robotics who use cutting-edge methods like machine learning algorithms and image-guided robotics. This 16-week Specialization is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to apply AI in medicine and robotics research. It will train to you perform research in an international research environment. Through the virtual internship programme, you’ll gain the essential knowledge and skills required to implement AI in medical research. This Specialization aims to provide knowledge of AI and robotics applications in medicine and healthcare.



Start Date: 20 Apr 2024

Places: 03

Duration: 4 months (16 weeks)

Delivery: Online

Workload: 5-7 hours per week

Fees: £419

Registration: Register here

Contact: Elisa Hampson



  • Gain an understanding of AI and robotics fundamentals
  • You will be able to Integrate AI in medical research and diagnostics
  • Learn to implement robotic technologies for surgical procedures
  • Develop critical thinking skills to evaluate the effectiveness and limitations of AI and robotics applications in medical practice

  • Engage in research tasks related to AI and robotics in medicine
  • Recognize the importance of lifelong learning and engage in continuous professional development



The online distance-learning delivery of the course will provide opportunities to receive expertise from the Cambridge Centre for Innovation and Development (CamCID) researchers, material from our partners, and guest lectures.


  • Part 1: PCert - Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (4 modules): This 4-week PCert course is designed to demonstrate a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts, principles, and technologies related to artificial intelligence and machine learning in the context of medical applications. You will also learn about the history of AI and the components of machine learning.  Further details are mentioned on PCert - AI in Medicine page.


  • Part 2: PCert - Medical Robotics (4 modules): Get the knowledge you need to apply robotics in medicine and healthcare. This PCert aims to provide knowledge of robots for surgeries, image-guided intervention, and computer-assisted surgery and therapy. Learn to implement robotic technologies for surgical procedures, including familiarity with robotic surgical systems and their applications in different medical specialties Further details are mentioned on PCert - Medical Robotics page.


  • Part 3: Researchers Training Programme (4 weeks): This unique 4-week online training programme is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed in your career as a researcher in the AI field. Engage in research activities, exploring ethical challenges and making research presentations. Develop problem-solving skills to identify and address challenges related to academic research. Further details are mentioned on the Researchers Training Programme page.


  • Part 4: Virtual Internship - Research Training (4 weeks): This 4 weeks of virtual training will provide you with research skills through research-based tasks and online guidance during the tasks. You will participate in research activities (tasks and analysis) and apply your knowledge of AI in medical research. Develop critical thinking skills to evaluate the effectiveness and limitations of AI and robotics applications in medical practice. You will engage in research skills development tasks to stay current with evolving technologies and practices in the field of AI and robotics in medicine. Further details are mentioned on the Internship - AI in Medicine page.

Entry Requirements


  • This specialization starts with a beginner level and progresses towards the mid and advanced levels. However, no prior programming knowledge is required.
  • This specialization is designed for all levels of students (Undergraduate students, Master's degree students, or Ph.D.).
  • All our online courses are taught in English. Therefore, you must have good English language skills.

Certificate of Completion


After completing all the parts of this Specialization, you will be provided with an e-certificate of completion and a virtual internship at Cambridge Centre for Innovation and Development (CamCID).

Career Opportunities


This specialization is designed to aid professional development in the field of AI and medical robotics. The Specialization in "Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Medicine" can open up various career opportunities at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and AI. Here are some potential career paths for individuals with expertise in this field:


  • Clinical AI Specialist
  • Research Assistant (AI and Robotics)
  • Medical Robotics Engineer
  • Healthcare Data Analyst
  • AI Researcher in Healthcare
  • Health Informatics Specialist
  • Telemedicine Specialist
  • Medical Imaging Analyst
  • Healthcare IT Consultant
  • Digital Health Entrepreneur
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist (AI and Robotics)
  • Medical Device Validation Specialist
  • Healthcare Policy Analyst
  • Healthcare Educator/Trainer
  • Patient Experience Coordinator


These career opportunities reflect the growing demand for professionals who can bridge the gap between healthcare and advanced technologies, contributing to the development and implementation of innovative solutions in the medical field.

Design AND Delivery


This online programme is delivered on our virtual learning platform (Moodle). The programme is self-paced and it can be completed on your schedule within programme's duration. The programme includes recorded lectures, templates, learning material, ebooks, and research-based tasks. It is designed by the CamCID Research Team and Guest Lecturers (faculty members from international universities).

May include additional material from our partners.

Fees and Funding


UK and International: £419 (including electronic certificate and virtual internship).