Professional Certificate (PCert)

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Key Facts

Next intake: 20 Jan 2024


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Duration and Delivery: 4-week (Online) 


Workload: 5-6 hours per week


Entry requirements: No formal qualification required. However, a basic knowledge of mathematics, medicine, clinical research, and/or computer science is recommended.


Fees: £199 (UK and International)



Elisa Hampson



Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the entire medical field, changing the way the data is used to make decisions and analysing big data. To stay competitive, universities and organizations need qualified clinical researchers with knowledge and understanding of AI and who use cutting-edge methods like machine learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks. This 4-week Professional Certificate course is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to apply AI in medicine and cancer research.


Through the final project report, you’ll gain the essential knowledge and skills required to implement AI in medicine and clinical research. This course aims to provide knowledge of AI applications in medicine and healthcare. This PCert is also a part of our 16-week Specialization + internship programme


Course Content


The online distance-learning delivery of the course will provide opportunities to receive expertise from the Cambridge Centre for Innovation and Development (CamCID) researchers, material from our partners, and guest lectures.


Module 1: Introduction to Artificial intelligence

Explore the history and potential of AI within the context of research.


Module 2: AI and machine learning: Understanding the concepts

Learn about three main types of machine learning: supervised, reinforcement, and unsupervised learning.


Module 3: The ethics of AI in healthcare and medicine

Explore the hierarchy of ethical and legal considerations


Module 4: The applications of AI in medicine 

Explore the latest applications of AI in medicine and cancer research performed in the international universities


Fees and Funding


UK and International: £199 (total including electronic certificate)


Entry Requirements


This is a beginner level course. No prior programming knowledge or formal qualification is required. However, some medicine, biology, clinical research, computer science, and/or mathematics knowledge is highly recommended. All our PCert courses are taught in English. You must have good English language skills.


Career Opportunities


This course is designed to aid professional development in the field of AI, healthcare, medicine, and/or clinical research, enabling you to further your expertise within an existing career path or to change career direction, for example, into a clinical researcher and/or AI expert.


After completing this PCert, you can also progress to our Specialization certificate + internship programme.


Taught By


CamCID Research Team and Guest Lecturers (faculty members from multiple universities).

May include additional material by our partners


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