About us

''Our Brief History''


Cambridge Centre for Innovation and Development (CamCID) was started by researchers at Cambridge and it was initially registered as a student society in Cambridge, UK. Later, CamCID became an independent collaborative platform for researchers to participate in research projects and started offering research skills-based programmes in collaboration with researchers from different parts of the world.

''Who We Are"


CamCID is a group of professionals, researchers, and academics from different parts of the world. We collaborate to perform research and participate in collaborative projects. We are also an accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider and accredited by The CPD Group with memberships of international professional agencies. We aim to contribute to society by publishing good quality research work and supporting industry partners to perform research. We also aim to help other students and researchers by providing them with skills development programmes and research collaboration opportunities.

“Support for Science and Researchers''


CamCID also supports innovation and young researchers by providing them with opportunities to participate in collaborative research projects. We support young researchers, students, and academics from all over the world to develop research skills and innovate for a better future. We are providing virtual research opportunities to researchers and academics. We are involved in innovative research projects within our research areas in collaboration with our partners and sponsors. We also organise free events, conferences, and workshops for students to promote science.